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Affordable Auto Transport In Florida

Here at Relo Auto Transport, we offer 5-star, quality car shipping to and from the state of Florida and the surrounding areas at affordable rates. Give us the opportunity and we'll exceed your expectations. Our auto transport professionals our standing by 24/7 to assist you today.

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Major Cities In Florida


1. Miami

Miami is the biggest city in Florida, with a population of 5,502,379. Miami has earned the title of ‘Capital of Latin America’ due to its high Latin American population, primarily Cubans. Miami’s culture has been influenced over the years by immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean. Spanish and Haitian Creole are spoken widely in parts of the city. Miami is a vital seaport city in Florida and the US for trade and is also the top passenger port globally. As a tourism center, Miami is home to beaches, resorts, museums, and parks. Being a financial hub, Miami is home to numerous International and Edge Act banks and company headquarters, which employ a substantial part of the population. Health care and technology are fast rising industries in the city. The city, however, ranks low on livability due to high crime rates, expensive housing, and a relatively high unemployment rate.

2. Tampa-St. Petersburg

Second among the biggest cities in Florida, the Tampa-St. Petersburg is home to 2,441,770 inhabitants. This population is employed in various industries such as food processing and packaging, agriculture, financial firms, aerospace and aviation, medical and health technologies, tourism, electronics manufacture, and technology. Marine science education has become rooted in the region, due to the proximity to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Plenty of sunshine throughout the year gives the area a pleasant climate. A low cost of living, relatively low unemployment rates and excellent infrastructure makes the city livable except for high crime rates.

3. Orlando

Ranking third among the biggest cities in Florida, the Orlando city, situated in Central Florida, boasts a population of 1,510,576 inhabitants. The city is renowned as ‘The Theme Park Capital of the World’. The Walt Disney World vacation resort in the city is the most visited globally. Other resorts are Sea World and Universal Orlando Resort. Tourism is a booming industry in Orlando, boasting more than 50 million tourists annually. Quality healthcare, recreational facilities, quality education, and modern infrastructure have all fueled the increasing population in Orlando over the years.

Featured Car Shipping and Transport Services

Door-to-Door Transport


Door-to-Door  Auto Transport means exactly that. Our driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to your door as possible. 

Enclosed Auto Transport


 Enclosed Auto Transport is for people demanding the utmost protection when transporting their car.  Enclosed car shipping will protect your vehicle from all elements and keep you clean when delivered. 

Open Auto Transport


 Open transport is the auto transport industry-standard method for safely shipping a vehicle. 

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